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Uncharted had always been that way,is a design not something to cover loading man,even if that could also be use as some

Сообщение MichealCoott » Чт июн 20, 2019 9:21 am

Lol, Gears. Didn't the last one get like a 7/10? Gears is an ancient franchise. Granted, both games seem to look okay, not great.I don't count Cowspot reviews. They are clearly bias against Xbox. I bet you that Gears 5 is a better game. ,This game isn't going to be GOTY. Hahahahaha Gears 5 is going to destroy it!Lol, Gears. Didn't the last one get like a 7/10? Gears is an ancient franchise. Granted, both games seem to look okay, not great.I don't count Cowspot reviews. They are clearly bias against Xbox. I bet you that Gears 5 is a better game.Lol, conspiracy!!!!!!,Ok bet on it. Gears 5 will score higher on MC than Days Gone? The loser leaves SW. ,Considering this is a PS4 exclusive thread its odd that you have its competitor on your mind.,He's right though, Xbox only had a boring racing game these last 3 years that was worth a gamer's time.Xbone is complete aSo you're saying he's right then turn around and say he's wrong in the same sentence, its no wonder you cows are the class clowns of SW lol.
"The fall of ISIS has coincided with a significant loss in support for Islamist/Wahhabi ideology across the world (including even most of the Muslim world), with the exception of several warzones"
So its taken you 4 replies to acknowledge there has not been any official announcement of the game coming to PC, thus making your thread pointless.
There is nothing vastly superior about a console that only has multiplats that all look and play better on PC.
Oh really? :P
Lol true. Endgame is going to make more money this weekend than Days Gone will in an entire lifetime.
Or is simply cheaper for sony to use MS one than try to build their own.

Streaming might fix that
Not correct. MS has Surface product lines and as long Intel prioritize the CPU within $499 price target. Game consoles are GPU bias within a certain price target.
Based on huge mistakes the X1 made? More like MS pulled a Sony and got a overconfident.
Who cares what other people think?
i don't agree GOW is hack and lash and you can't compare it with Devil May Cry.DMC is the best in its genre
Successfully selling burgers and pizzas doesn't grant you knowledge in the field of economics, nor does a role as a Class C director of a regional federal reserve board.
Battlefield 1 sure was memorable for me. ... iverance/#

You keep posting high performance specs for a storage solution that is 2-3x (200-300% more) the price, 3x (300%) the power draw and heat, 5-6x (500-600%) the size and only yields a 25% increase in performance for what is needed. That's the point. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Mustang. For the space and cost of an NVMe solution Sony could put multiple chips with their own bus and it would perform better in every metric including price. The NVMe controller alone pulls more power than the entire UFS 3.0 solution. Further performance of NVMe as a whole degrades as much as 25% as the solution warms up over the course of 30 mins due to its excessive power draw. After 30 mins, performance of most NVMes becomes erratic or degraded.
Halo was definitely big through books and other forms of entertainment. Pokemon was just an absolute phenomenon that continues to this day.
? Move topic to another board
Dude, that new PvP is freakin' hardcore. I lasted like four seconds.
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Its not personal opinion as there used to be a user who used to post all the comparison videos from DF in regards to XB1 vs PS4, come November 2017 that user all of a sudden got busy (he is a cow) and since then they hardly ever show up as
Once again you did read it, and once again you're a pawn. It's hilarious how you think you own people when your mental acuity is less than that of a fruit fly.

Injustice: Gods Among Us. Ultimate Edition

Сообщение MichealCoott » Сб май 25, 2019 9:43 am

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