Barrister Alexander Vikhlyaev

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Barrister Alexander Vikhlyaev

Сообщение Baileybog » Пт авг 16, 2019 12:58 pm

Anton Borisevich - a native of a small town in the Samara region, began his career in the banking sector and quickly rose in the hierarchy. Not only because of the talent- which can’t be taken away, but also due to useful acquaintances. One of his closest friends – a fugitive banker Vadim Kebets, with whom Borisevich is linked in many fraudulent cases. But in Russia, it is difficult for a government official such as Mr. Borisevich to open a business. Therefore, he settled in Europe, having several firms there. In particular, Villa Finca- which is registered with the help of a lawyer Vikhlyaev. ... g-related/

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